Ownit Homes encouraging the next generation of trades

In a first for the company, Ownit Homes is pleased to have facilitated an apprenticeship program in partnership with our long-term carpenter, Gregory Terrace and non-for-profit organisation Busy@Work.

Currently completing his year 12 studies at Gregory Terrace, Marcus will be working under the guidance of Russell Davidson. An expert craftsman known for high-quality work, Russell has worked with Ownit Homes for over 35 years.

Starting in May, Marcus will work one day per week on Ownit Homes job sites until he finishes school, at which time he will work full time with Russell for the next four years. He is one of the fantastic young men at Gregory Terrace who are heading in the direction of trade-based vocations at the completion of their Year 12 studies.

The apprenticeship was made possible through a strong partnership between Busy @Work, Russell Davidson, Ownit Homes and Gregory Terrace House Dean Glenn Cameron.

Marcus is very keen to get started and there’s no doubt he’ll receive excellent training under the skillful guidance of Russell and the Ownit Homes construction team.