The advantages of narrow and small lot homes

Narrow and small lot homes are becoming increasingly popular throughout Australia and it’s not hard to see why. These land packages allow for creative designs that maximise space and help buyers to build in their dream location. They also offer great lifestyle flexibility and affordability in many cases. Keep reading below to find out why a narrow or small lot home could be the best option when it comes to building your dream abode.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a small or narrow lot of land?

As the name suggests, a narrow or small lot of land is smaller in size than traditional plots and usually encompasses a tighter area with which to work. A skilled team can easily design and build a home that maximises space by extending upwards and combining both indoor and outdoor living areas.

The benefits of a narrow or small lot of land

Creative designs 

With clever building methods and structural designs, truly impressive things can be achieved on a narrow or small lot. This is great news for buyers because it means that they can maximise space while enjoying amazing floor plans and features at the same time. Vertical architecture and open living areas are two examples of this. There’s also the option of combining indoor and outdoor areas to create a sense of flow or endless space. Try extending your kitchen to include a deck and barbeque area to take full advantage of your small lot.

Build in the area that you love 

Another benefit of small lots is that they let people build in their first area of choice. In other words, purchasing a narrow land package can help you to enter the property market without compromising on location. With a smart design, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful backyard, along with access to the same schools, shops, cafes, restaurants and parks as all of your friends. There’ll also be less upkeep needed for external yards, but still plenty of room for a swimming pool in most cases.


For the most part, narrow or small lot homes offer value to buyers and this makes them an attractive option. The reason being that purchasing less space will usually cost you less money. Smart investors can take advantage of these opportunities by opting for a double storey build that specifically fits their block of land. Similarly, a roof terrace can be added to provide even more room to spread out and enjoy stunning views. With potentially lower prices and plenty of scope to play with, there’s no reason not to consider the above.

Note: Narrow and small lot homes close to the city and in popular suburbs can still be expensive, so remember to do your research and take into account factors such as site access, variations of land and location on a main road.

Our expert builders can work with properties of all shapes and sizes

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