Structural Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with a
20 Year Structural Guarantee

At Ownit Homes, we are committed to quality.

That’s why we are proud to offer our customers a 20 Year Structural Guarantee on their homes. When you build with Ownit Homes, you can feel confident knowing that your home will stand the test of time.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Ownit Homes is offering a 20-year Structural Guarantee (herein referred to as “Guarantee”) for any Planning Agreements signed without change and Planning Agreement fees paid in full on or after 16 October 2019.

  • In this document any reference to “Us”, “We” and/or “Our” this refers to Ownit Homes Pty Ltd.
  • In this document any reference to “You” and “Your”; this refers to the owners named and the building address on the building contract.

The Guarantee is given to You being the original owner named on the building contract and is not transferable to any family members or subsequent purchasers or owners of the home.

The Guarantee referred to herein means that Ownit Homes will rectify:

  • Structural components of the home that have experienced a structural failure; in the sole opinion of Our engineer, specifically the foundation and/or any structural members/components of the timber wall frames & the roof framing only.
  • The definition of a structural failure in this Guarantee is defined as “Damage Category 4” or higher (AS2870).
  • Will commence from the building contract start date.

To be eligible for this Guarantee so as not to void it Your responsibilities are:

  • To have Your home (at Your cost) comprehensively inspected by Ownit Homes’ nominated structural engineer no less than once per year or more frequently if such engineers deem fit and to allow Us to rectify, at Our cost and without compensation to You, any structural issue that may be detected on any such inspection which is/are not caused by any circumstance outlined under the Exclusions section below and which Our engineers deem appropriate.
  • You are to fully and comprehensively insure and adequately maintain Your home in accordance with the documents provided to You as part of Our building contract documentation as provided through the building with Us and any revisions of those documents that may be issued from time to time, such as but not limited to the CSIRO’s Guide to Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance on how to care for Your new home after completion and/or any other document. If You do not strictly adhere to this, then without notice this will void Our Guarantee
  • To maintain all plumbing and drainage fittings and/or fixtures in and around Your home and land which could in any way impact on structural integrity, including but not limited to water pipes, drains, pipes, pits, plumbing works etc.


This Guarantee does not apply in the following circumstances where they may have impact on structural integrity:

  • Any loss arising from non-compliance with Your responsibilities outlined above
  • Site conditions that are experienced that are outside of Our control
  • Damage caused by Act of God, storms, fire, flooding, drought or earthquake
  • Damage caused by vegetation/trees etc.  growing near the footing/s and slab of Your home
  • Poorly designed landscaping and poor surface drainage
  • Non-compliance with CSIRO’s Guide to Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance on how to care for Your new home after completion
  • Fair Wear and tear
  • Misuse or neglect
  • Electrical wiring
  • Minor cracking (as defined in AS2870)
  • Resultant damage
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Neighbour’s failure to maintain their home and land
  • Failure to follow the site maintenance guidelines provided by Us including but not limited to establishing appropriate landscaping and drainage and maintaining the termite protection treatment program for Your home
  • If any renovations, additions or other structural or non-structural changes (including but not limited to landscaping and pools) undertaken to the home or by other parties to surrounding homes have taken place before or after completion under the building contract including but not limited to diversion of water
  • Items of a non-structural nature such as any marks or scratches to bench tops, windows, doors, vanities etc.

This Guarantee is limited to the person/s nominated and the home at the site address on the original building contract and is not transferable in any way. To be specific once the home is sold or transferred to another party this Guarantee will cease.

Nothing in this guarantee shall be interpreted to exempt or avoid any guarantee or warranty explicitly provided by law.