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Our flexible floorplans and custom home designs allow you to live the way you want with Ownit Homes.

Tailor one of our home designs or work with one of our experienced Building Consultants to put together something entirely unique to you. All stages of the process are integrated in-house, from design to construction, concept to completion – ensuring your dreams are brought to life with perfect precision.

Let us tell your story, because home is where it really begins. It’s where memories are made and where you can sit back and watch the magic unfold.

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Your journey to creating a custom home

step one
Design Consultation

The first step on your custom home journey is talking to one of our expert Consultants about your dream lifestyle so that they know exactly what you want in your home.

We can start by working off one of our existing plans and tailoring it to suit you, or you can bring plans from your architect or a rough sketch drawing that you have put together yourself.


step two
Preliminary Sketch Plan

Once you’re happy with the concept design of your home, it will move on to the drafting stage where your plan will take shape and come to life with one of our experienced Draftspeople.

We’ll work towards your requirements and draw up a sketch plan of your home showing the wall layout and position of the house on site for your initial feedback and changes.

step three
Complete Sketch Plan

From there we’ll start to bring your home to life in more detail and complete the sketch plan. The layout, location and size of the rooms, windows, walls, doors and stairs all start to take shape.

This is also the stage you will see the façade of your home (sometimes referred to as elevations).

step four
Final Plan Check and Engineering

When your sketch plan is complete and you have no more changes, we’ll progress to drawing your final plan in detail.

At the same time we will order the preliminary engineering assessment on your home. This report will assess the site you plan to build on and advise what type of slab or footings will be required to ensure your home is structurally sound.

step five
Contracts and Building Approval

Upon receipt of your signed contract, we’ll submit your plan drawings to our Council Certifiers for Building Approval, order final engineering and your dream home is well on its way!