Smartstone presents Ibrido, the new generation of engineered surfaces

Smartstone has launched a new, game changing product range that will forge the future of engineered stone. The Ibrido Collection is a low silica – only 28% – engineered surface that combines Smartstone’s exclusive NewGen formulation with innovative hybrid print technology to advance surface aesthetics and product integrity.

Ibrido is Italian for ‘hybrid’ (pronounced ee-bri-tho) highlighting Smartstone’s exclusive hybrid print technology which recreates seven luxe and beautiful natural stones with absolute precision on identical, jumbo-sized slabs (3200 x 1600mm).

“With the Ibrido Collection, Smartstone embraces genuine innovation and product advancement to offer a market leading range of engineered surfaces that deliver on aesthetics, quality, value and with an incredibly low silica content,” says Belinda Kelaher, Managing Director, Smartstone.

As an industry leader and trusted brand, Smartstone has also developed products that not only meet the highest standards of beauty and performance but also feature safety and environmental certifications. Next-level Ibrido is engineered from 56% recycled material with Greenguard, Greenguard Gold and NSF accreditation.

The seven unique Ibrido designs include:

Calacatta Oro reinterprets a magnificent veined marble with distinctive gold highlights with a polished finish;
Elba Bianco reinvents a subtle and timeless Italian marble Characterised by a darker grey shadowy vein on a white background, with a polished surface finish;
Grafite Grigio recreates a dark, elegant marble in textural shades of grey characterized by subtle white veining with a honed finish;
Onyx Verde, a remarkable reinterpretation of a prized Iranian marble featuring different tonalities of green in the background enriched by shades of white with a polished finish;
Statuario Grigio’s distinctive grey veining on a luminous backdrop is enhanced by a polished finish;
Super White replicates a distinctive Brazilian marble featuring tones of grey with contrasting darker grey veining and is available in a honed finish;
Tundra Grigio, a superb limestone recreation in versatile, textural greys with a honed surface finish.

View the Ibrido Collection, or experience this new range in person by arranging a viewing with the Smartstone sales team. Large slabs are available for viewing at Smartstone showrooms nationally.

Watch the Ibrido Collection Video