Single Storey Home Designs

View our extensive range of high quality single storey home designs

Offering award winning, quality single storey house designs to suit your personality and needs, Ownit Homes’ Single Storey House Designs are thoughtfully built to accommodate a variety of blocks. From the large to the narrow, we can design a single story home to meet the needs of your family.

Our Single Storey Home Plans easily blend into any streetscape while providing you with a unique design to showcase your personality. Whether you are looking for an easy-care single level design like the Retreat – offering a hub for the family while providing room for independent living with separate wings for adult and young people alike – or streamlined functionality designed for the narrowest of blocks like The Ascot, our newest low set home that utilises limited space to maximise living potential while allowing for privacy and seclusion – we have Queensland’s best single storey house plans on offer for you and your loved ones.

Abundant space and storage potential is a key feature in each of our single storey house designs so you can be assured there will be room for your family and your lifestyle. Space for entertainment and privacy – all on one spacious level. There is no compromise on quality or design and all of our low set home owners love the outstanding value for money this style of home offers.
If you are looking for a One storey building design look no further than Ownit Homes. With our designs catering for all requirements, and having a number of Single storey house plans for narrow blocks, we are positive that our 44 years’ experience will provide you with the peace of mind that the construction of your new home is in the best of hands.



 4+1     2     2

House size: 256m2 | 28sq



 3+1     2     2

House size: 250m2 | 27sq



 4     2     2

House size: 205m2 | 22sq



 4+1     2     2

House size: 298m2 | 32sq



 4     2    2

House size: 263m2 | 28sq



 4     2     2

House size: 250m2 | 27sq


Maddelena 239

 3+1     2     2

House size: 239m2 | 26sq


Maddalena 244

 3+1     2     2 

House size: 244m2 | 26sq



 4     2     2

House size: 207m2 | 22sq



     2     2

House size: 252m2 | 27sq



 4+1     2     2

House size: 273m2 | 29sq


Sunseeker Entertainer

 4+1     2     2

House size: 328m2 | 35sq
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