Our top tips for choosing a block of land

Find out what you should look for and pitfalls to avoid.

Building a new home is exciting but first things first – you need to choose and buy the right block of land for your dream home.

When choosing land, consider how the aspect and shape of your block will affect your home design. Does it face north to catch the morning sun? How will any views or neighbours impact the home design? These are all things to think about when you view a block of land.

Keep in mind that it may be worth paying extra for a flat block of land. Hidden extra costs for retaining walls can pop up on a sloped block.

For new land, the best time to start building is when the land is vacant on either side of your block. So the sooner construction starts, the better. This is to avoid extra access costs when neighbours start building on adjoining land.

If you’re concerned about a particular block of land, don’t be afraid to ask one of our experience Building Consultants take a look before making an offer.