How to achieve the perfect coastal interior

What does your home feel like when you walk inside? Does it bring you joy or dread? If it’s the latter, maybe it’s time to turn your home into a private oasis with a relaxing coastal interior. Whether you live near the beach or are constantly dreaming about your next seaside vacation, a fresh coastal interior can offer a bright and airy palette that calms the soul.

So what exactly is a coastal interior? As the name suggests, a coastal interior is heavily inspired by the beautiful coastline, and usually features crisp white walls, neutral coloured furniture and in some cases, pops of blue influenced by the sea. So if you want to achieve the perfect coastal interior for your home, we’ve outlined exactly what you need to do to bring your vision to life!

Let there be light

If you’re going to follow even one of these suggestions, let it be this one! In the perfect coastal home, there needs to be plenty of light. A bright and airy space sets the tone and creates a clean, breezy vibe. The best way to achieve this is by adding plenty of large windows throughout the home. Not only does this increase the light that streams through the space, it will also help to encourage a breeze to make its way through the home. For window coverings you’ll want either crisp white s-fold sheers to soften the space, or some nice white shutters to give it a holiday-feel. To enhance the light that’s entering your home, consider light or white coloured walls!

But don’t just stop at windows! Consider adding some showstopping pendants in key places such as over the kitchen island bench, in the main living room or even in the master suite! Make sure the pendants you choose are in neutral colours, or opt for natural materials like rattan. To take your space to the next level of luxury, incorporate a pendant with a touch of gold to reach that wow-factor.

For your kitchen joinery, keep your colours light, bright and easy on the eye. Our Stradbroke home design on display at our Shoreline display centre in Redland Bay is the perfect example of this. Featuring a three toned joinery combo white statement joinery and light timber accents, this coastal kitchen offers the very best in design and style.

Warm up the space

To cut through all the white, it’s time to warm the space up! Think about incorporating light timber furniture like coffee tables, your dining table or even a buffet cupboard. Neutral floor rugs can add an element of texture to the room and offer a warm space for little ones to play. Pops of greenery in the form of indoor house plants are a great way to bring some of the outdoors in, while coast-themed wallpaper can give character to the home. 

Delightful decor

After you’ve sorted out the main parts of your beautiful coastal home, it’s time to decorate it in your personal style. If you’re not sure where to start, consider the type of feel you’re going for. If you want to do a traditional coastal interior, large decorative shells and blue and white ornaments tie your home into the sea. And don’t forget about the walls! Consider artwork that features coral or other elements from the sea and watch how a simple piece of art can transform your home! For a more luxurious touch, consider gold elements for a level of opulence. Try gold ornaments, candle sticks, or even photo frames which also checks the personalisation box! Whatever decor you decide on, make sure it’s something that best reflects your style and it’s something you enjoy looking at every day.  

Take advantage of the views

If you live close to the sea, or your home looks over some nice views, make sure that doesn’t go to waste; take advantage of the views! Whether you decide to face your home in a certain direction or build a balcony, try and take advantage of your surrounding views, not only for your own personal enjoyment, but also for resale value. 

At Ownit Homes, we’re proud of our innovative designs, which include our unique Roof Terraces™. This third level has been carefully designed to offer you a jaw dropping rooftop living space for your entertainment. Whether you love doing early morning yoga, hosting family over for summer bbqs or simply kicking back and enjoying the view, our Roof Terrace™ gives you everything you want, and more without having to compromise on land size! If you want to take advantage of the views and maximise the entertainment value of your home, consider incorporating one into your brand new home. 

Experience the perfect coastal interior for yourself in our Stradbroke at the Shoreline display centre in Redland Bay! Open 5 days a week, you’ll be able to walk through this beautiful three-storey home and get inspiration for your very own coastal interior.