What to consider when choosing your fixtures and fittings

Building your very own home is an exciting process. For many, it’s an opportunity to exercise a very real sort of freedom, and the fittings and fixtures that you choose are important. They shape your living space, and a big part of how you make your house a home.

There are some things you will want to consider when making choices about the fittings and fixtures you use to complete your new home. In this blog, we want to set out some of those considerations and offer some guidance on how to craft a living space that is entirely yours.

Do your research – but do it mindfully

There is a big wide world of options out there, and plenty of choices to be made when building your own brand-new home. The big challenge here is avoiding the dreaded option paralysis.

Too many options, too many things to think about. When you set out to do your research, remind yourself that the entire project doesn’t have to happen all at once.

Big projects are made up of a series of smaller decisions. While there is value in doing your research, be mindful that you aren’t overwhelming yourself with too much information all at once.

Look to compliment, not overpower

The funny thing about decoration and design is that it’s often much easier to spot what’s wrong about a particular choice rather what’s right. At Ownit Homes, we tend to stress the importance of finding the fixtures and fittings that compliment your home, rather than buying pieces that make a statement all on their own.

By the time you get to picking out the fixtures and fittings that are going to be the finishing touches on your home, many of the bigger decisions have been made. Balance, scale and harmony, the fittings and fixtures that you use to complete the picture should complement the features of the home you’re building.

Know where to spend the money

Building your own brand-new home is a big step. It’s also something that needs to be budgeted for carefully. The tendency here is to save money by making more ‘cost-effective’ choices on your fittings and fixtures.

There are some things that it just isn’t practical to cut costs on though, and to a large extent, that’s your choice of fittings and fixtures. Larger fixtures like dishwashers, ovens and stoves are the sorts of products that benefit greatly from spending that extra sum on a quality item.

All is not lost though on the budget front. Staying across contemporary trends and doing your research can give opportunities to spot deals on quality products that have had their prices driven down by competition. Keep an eye out!

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