Dreaming of your new Butler’s Pantry?

The perfect walk-in pantry

A Butler’s Pantry (or walk-in-pantry) is a must-have for any modern kitchen for those with the luxury of space. The purpose of a Butler’s Pantry is to provide a secondary space to prepare food, clean up and provide storage for groceries without cluttering the main kitchen area. They are the perfect solution to maximise the functionality of your kitchen, and are an excellent addition when entertaining.

If a Butler’s Pantry is on your ‘must-have’ list, there are a few considerations to take into account.

Here’s some recommended tips:

  • Benchtop with cupboards
  • Pantry shelving
  • Walk-through space to your laundry
  • Consider natural light and ventilation
  • Consider what you’ll have in it and use it for – allow sufficient storage space, plumbing and electrical requirements.

Contact us and ask our Building Consultants about adding a Butler’s Pantry to your new home!


Bayview Butlers Pantry