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Ownit Homes: Brisbane’s Luxury Home Builder

Why Are We Brisbane’s #1 Builders?

Ownit Homes has a long history of providing quality services and high craftsmanship to all of our clients. The Queensland based builders work closely with you, the owner, to ensure your dream home is made a reality. Our team treat each and every project as their own, providing a personal, one-on-one service, with a focus on quality and extensive inclusions.


With a number of award winning designs and experienced staff members to help you through the whole process, Ownit Homes is dedicated to creating a home to suit your needs and lifestyle. Family owned and run, Ownit Homes invites you to join the family today!

Our History as Builder’s in Brisbane

With a 40 year history spanning back two generations, Ownit Homes is a family owned and run business with the experience and qualifications to prove it. Peter and Paul Ganim founded Ownit Homes in 1972, with the next generation, Scott and Brad Ganim taking the helm in recent years. The Ganim family is involved in every Ownit Homes build, further adding to that personal touch and allowing you to get advice and information from the source. If you are looking for a qualified and experienced building company in Brisbane who puts you first, then look no further than Ownit Homes.

Why are we classed as a Master Builder?

The best builders have the best qualifications. The Master Builders Association features members who value high standards of integrity, skill and responsibility to their clients. Master Builders Australia is the major building and construction industry association in the country. The association currently holds over 31,000 residential and commercial builders, sub-contractors and other industry professionals, with each and every member committed to delivering quality craftsmanship, services and care to their clients. Ownit Homes is honoured to be a member of the Queensland faction of Master Builders, and have won a number of awards from the esteemed association over their 40 year history.

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