Terms & Conditions

  1. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the ‘Free Daikin Ducted Air-Conditioning and Solar Package’ promotion (the Promotion) commences at 10:00 AEST on Monday 2 November 2020 and continues until such time as the Promotion is terminated, cancelled or suspended by Ownit Homes in its absolute discretion (Promotion Period).
  2. The Promotion is only valid to customers who pay a Preliminary Deposit (minimum $2,500) between 2 November 2020 and 31 January 2021 and enter into a Building Contract with Ownit Homes Pty Ltd by 1 April 2021.
  3. The Promotion is available on all Ownit Homes’ Double Storey ‘Dream Inclusions range’ Homes. Single storey and altered designs will be assessed for eligibility.
  4. The Promotion is available for a limited time only. Ownit Homes has the right to alter or discontinue the Promotion at any time without notice.
  5. The Promotion cannot be redeemed as cash and any part of the Promotion not required or wanted shall be deemed to be forfeited.
  6. All drawings and photographs are for illustrative purposes only and may contain items that are not included in the ‘Free Daikin Ducted Air-Conditioning and Solar Package’ or items that are not part of a standard Ownit Homes design.
  7. Ownit Homes has the right to alter this Promotion at any time without notice.
  8. For any unforeseen reason should an item in the package not be available/discontinued, Ownit Homes at their absolute discretion will substitute the item with an item of equal or greater value. Due to the continuing development of Ownit Homes’ designs and products, to maximum extent permitted by law, Ownit Homes reserves the right to alter its product specifications and suppliers at any time and without notice.
  9. This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other Ownit Homes promotion.
  10. This offer and/or concept is exclusively owned by Ownit Homes Pty Ltd and cannot be reproduced or copied wholly or in part, in any form without the permission of Ownit Homes Pty Ltd (QBCC 6479).The Offer – Daikin Ducted Air-Conditioning
  11. The Daikin Ducted Air-Conditioning (reverse cycle) system to be installed in the client’s new home built by Ownit Homes, of a size determined per item 12 below and to a maximum retail value of $20,000.
  12. The air conditioner unit size will be determined by Ownit Homes and will vary depending on the choice of home design but will be capable of running up to 70-75% of the air conditioned space at any one time. The size of unit, zones and outlets are determined by Ownit Homes and include an isolating switch. All Daikin air-conditioning systems which may be included in this Promotion consist of 4 zones and include a standard inverter.
  13. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Ownit Homes gives no guarantee, warranty or representation in respect of any air conditioning provided in connection with this Promotion. You may have consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law that may apply. Further, Daikin provides a warranty on the air-conditioning unit and control. Please refer to the Daikin website for more information.
  14. The promotional ducted air-conditioning system includes single phase power and is based on a 6m setback and underground power being available to the site. Any required upgrade to the system is payable by the client.
    The Offer – Solar
  15. Notwithstanding any other term of these terms and conditions, the provisions of a solar system is conditional on you entering into a solar system contract with the third-party supplier of the solar system (Bradford Energy or other supplier as deemed at the sole discretion of Ownit Homes) nominated by Ownit Homes to allow the Supplier to install the solar system on your roof. Placement and arrangement of the roof panels to be at the discretion of Ownit Homes.
  16. Ownit Homes will not be held accountable for additional meter changeover/installation fees charged by your power distributor/supplier for connection or set-up fees and these charges will be at the Owner/s cost. Charges may apply for non-standard installations.
  17. All solar systems are subject to relevant Distribution Network Service Provider’s approval to be connected to the utility grid. Furthermore, the Owner/s acknowledge and accept that Ownit Homes will not be responsible if this approval is not granted.
  18. In respect to the supply and installation of the Solar Power System, the Owner/s hereby agrees to assign all rights and interest in the renewable energy certificates to Bradford Energy or other supplier as deemed at the sole discretion of Ownit Homes upon completion of the installation.
  19. Clients are to confirm connection with power supplier prior to handover to ensure solar rebate is activated. Ownit Homes will not be held liable for connection of power whatsoever including but not limited to the loss of monies or time due to grid connection delay.