How to interview your short listed builders

Choosing the right builder for you and your new home can be overwhelming at times. It is important that you choose a builder that will deliver a smooth home building experience and an exceptional new home that you will be happy with for many years into the future.


To help, we’ve created a list of questions that you can ask every builder you are short-listing. Put them in the hot seat and ensure you’re confident before handing anyone your precious investment.

1. Will a secondary site check be conducted?

Ask if anyone other than your sales consultant will visit the site. Ensure that person has the knowledge and experience to protect your best interests. We have often advised clients against building on a particular block to avoid excessive site costs.

2. Who will be in charge of my build?

It’s worthwhile asking if you will have direct contact with your site supervisor, how many projects they are overseeing at once and how often they will provide you with updates. Supervisors who are balancing too many projects are at risk of not giving yours the attention it deserves. We believe weekly progress updates from your site supervisor and a maximum of 15 jobs per supervisor are benefits to achieving the best possible results.

3. Check their credentials

It may seem obvious, but make sure that your builder is suitably licensed and accredited. We have a small team of licensed and skilled contractors that have been with us for a number of years, meaning we can rely on them and they know the level of quality that we expect.

4. What is your quality control process?

Check how many site inspections and checks are conducted throughout your build and who conducts these checks. We conduct atleast 6 quality inspections during construction and at every major milestone.  These checks are conducted by not only the Construction Manager, but a Company Director as well.

5. Request feedback from previous clients

If you can, ask for testimonials and ask for feedback from others who have built with the same builder. Did the builder deliver everything they promised? We love hearing from our past clients, and there’s no better feeling than hearing how happy they are with their Ownit Home.