Your long and successful career had you moving around your entire adult life. As you approach retirement everyone around keeps asking what you’re going to do with all your impending freedom. Some think you should travel the world; others doubt your ability to be idle and assume you’ll find work in a different industry. You have a different plan in mind. You’ve thought long and hard about retirement, and one thing has always been the same–you want to build a house, settle in, and never move again.

Ownit Homes has 45 years of experience realising the dreams of hard-workers like yourself. Come down to one of our display homes throughout Brisbane to get a sneak peek at the latest home design innovations. While you can view galleries of our display villages in Brisbane on our website, nothing beats the three-dimensional experience where you can collect ideas and gain perspective on how features will look in your new home.

View Bells and Whistles at a Display House in Brisbane

When you come into any display house in Brisbane, you will be greeted and assisted by friendly, knowledgeable, service-oriented staff that are excited to tell you about our designs and eager to help you incorporate your vision into the high-quality design features we offer. Display villages in Brisbane showcase our most popular designs grouped in ways that are pleasing to the eye and easy to explain. Display homes seen in Brisbane aren’t set in stone.

We focus on two-storey homes that maximise floor space. However, our priority is building quality homes to the highest satisfaction of our customers at the best value available. Our customers find and return to us because of our widespread reputation of quality builds and an extensive list of inclusions that other building operations charge extra for. We believe that a home should be comfortable and unique, not an opportunity for contractors to squeeze your hard-earned savings out of you. Talk to our friendly staff at any display house throughout Brisbane about our standard inclusions and premium options.

Small-Lot Options for Smaller Spaces and Simpler Living

Our display homes around Brisbane strive to show off all that Ownit Homes has to offer. However, we recognise that not everyone has the space or use for multi-storey, fully decked out new homes that are better suited for large families. Therefore, we offer floor plans for small and narrow lots. During our easy and flexible eight-step building process, we will evaluate your space against the floor plan that you selected to ensure compatibility. Once sizing is taken care of, initial plans have been drawn, and contracts have been signed, the building begins. We’ll stay closely connected ready to incorporate your last-minute modifications, then hand over keys to your new, unfurnished, or fully furnished home.

You’ve been waiting a long time to settle and now you finally can with a customer-approved process that takes the stress out of building projects while preserving architectural style and quality. Congratulations! Use our display villages to inspire the home you always wanted, then let us help you dream it, build it, Ownit.

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