The quintessential feature for Queensland backyards

It’s Winter at the moment but as we all know, those sweltering Queensland Summers will be here before we know it.  You know those days… the ones where you just want to crawl into your fridge and stop melting – or jump into a refreshing pool to cool off!

So, if you’re looking to build your next home, now is the time to remember this Summer saviour.

When you have limited access for the construction of a pool after your home has been completed, then incorporating the building of a pool with the construction of your new home is wise for many reasons but it does require some advanced planning and thought.

In conjunction with award-winning pool builders, Performance Pool & Spa in Brisbane, we’ve put together some key points to contemplate if you’re in the market to build a new home and desire a pool now or in the future.

Advantages of building a pool SIMULTANEOUSLY with a new home

  • Your family gets to move into a brand new home with a pool ready to go!
  • The location of your pool in relation to your home design can be foreplanned to maximize space and functionality. For example, positioning in relation to outdoor entertaining areas or visibility from your home where your pool is a feature, ideal north and west aspects, or safety considerations necessary in relation to adjoining home entry points
  • The size and style of your pool can be determined in conjunction with your budget, heating needs, architectural style of your home, block size, landscaping and other outdoor facilities planned
  • Economic gains when the entire project of your home construction and pool excavation runs in the correct order to facilitate unobstructed access of the latter (often a costly challenge once a house is erected)
  • The location of associated equipment and finishes for your pool can be incorporated into your home design and landscaping, giving you more options and flexibility to achieve maximum functionality and aesthetics
  • The integration of your home design with a pool delivers a more seamless look in the end, and reduces the risk of your pool looking like an after-thought or add-on.

Important Considerations

When you involve a trusted and experienced pool builder in your early stages of new home planning, they will guide you on necessary and recommended considerations, such as:

  • Temporary fencing or safety covers required before, during or after your home builder is constructing your house
  • Surveying of site
  • The impact to piering or foundations necessary for your new home
  • Location of services and pipes
  • Filtration station location and backwashing requiring the need for outlets or stormwater points to be incorporated into works by your home builder
  • Electrical requirements for power point configurations
  • Finishings of tiles and other associated materials to blend with your home and/or landscaping selections

Appropriate pre-planning and selecting a home builder and pool builder that work together effectively, will give you the greatest opportunity to achieve the best outcome for you and your family to enjoy both a new home and new pool as soon as possible!

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