A living room, as the name suggests, is the space in your home where you will spend the most time actually ‘living’. A living room should be functional and comfortable, whilst also making a statement about the people who live in that house. As Brisbane’s leading home builders, it is our job to know these things to ensure that every home we build, is a dream come true for our clients. Here are some living room features that are trending at the moment, for you to consider when building your dream home in Brisbane.

Open Floor Plan

When building your modern family home consider where every member of the family will be spending most of their time. An open plan living room is a popular choice for a family home because it allows the family to stay connected while each person goes about their everyday tasks. For example, while the parents are in the kitchen they can keep an eye on the kids watching TV or doing homework.


Texture is a big deal in 2017. In a world where we view everything through a screen, attractive features that are texturally interesting is particularly appealing. It’s all about mixing and matching layers and fabrics – from pillows, to art, to floor coverings, give your living room an edge with some contrasting textures.

Go Green

The word, according to style bible Vogue, is that green is the colour of the moment. If you are looking to decorate your new living room, there are plenty of varieties of green to choose from so you are sure to find a shade that suits you. Opt for a couch fabric in deep emerald if you want to give your room a hint of luxury or for something more refreshing, why not a bright lime green?

Quirky Lighting

When designing your living space, try to think of lighting as an accessory for your home. Lighting gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your unique design sensibility. A quirky design feature will add something memorable to your living room that will add interest without being impractical.

Raw Wood

If you are looking to decorate your living room with the latest styles and trends but don’t want to end up with a room that will quickly date, this trend is truly timeless. What could be a more appealing living room touch then a beautiful piece of raw timber? It’s all about their unique imperfections that will give your living room character so, the stranger the piece, the better. You might like to incorporate wood in a table or a simple art piece that makes a statement and draws the eye.

Dream it, Build it, Ownit

Now that you have started thinking about your dream living room, it is time to start making your dreams a reality. If you need help building your home, Ownit Homes are the best home builder in Brisbane. We have helped thousands of Brisbane families build their dream homes and now we want to help you with yours. To enquire about our service visit our website or Contact Us

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