Let’s face it – the kitchen is the place in the home where we spend the majority of our time. When it comes to building a Brisbane home, a lot of thought and consideration needs to go into what the kitchen will look like and how it will function. How do we know this? Because we build Brisbane dream homes every day. To give you a head start, here are five kitchen trends that are popular amongst people building homes in Brisbane right now.

Shared Space layout

When it comes to building a family home, most people realise that their kitchen should be considered a shared family space and they tend to design the kitchen accordingly. In 2017, a kitchen should include extra space that is flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, allowances can be made for a workspace, a social space, a dining space or an extra cooking space. Most new kitchens will include a dining facility as part of the kitchen’s design as most Australians prefer to be able to eat casually in the kitchen rather than in separately, or formally, in a dining room. When it comes to building your kitchen, keep the idea of a multi-purpose space in mind as it is sure to make your kitchen more practical and add value to your home.

Hidden Storage

Storage is obviously a must when it comes to building your kitchen. In 2017 homeowners are finding more ways to create clever storage spaces that allow for a more spacious feeling in their kitchen. To take the focus away from kitchen appliances, these are being kept in purpose-built cupboards. The kitchen joinery is commonly used to create generous storage.

Go dark

The use of dark colours in the kitchen is very popular at the moment. Many people have been experimenting with dark greys and charcoals. Not only does it look chic and modern, but darker colours are also more forgiving when it comes to dirt and grime and as we all know, the kitchen can be a particularly messy place.

Patterned tiles

Tiles are making a comeback in 2017 and we’re glad to hear it because when it comes to kitchens, there is nothing more practical than tiles! They are durable and easy to clean. Patterned, colourful Moroccan tiles are particularly popular at the moment. These are a great way to bring some softness to your kitchen which is traditionally a space full of straight lines and hard surfaces. It is also a great way to add your own personal flair to a kitchen and truly make it unique to you.


Copper has been making waves in the interior design circuit in 2017. Copper has seen a 90% increase in the last year. Everyone wants to add a touch of this attractive metal to their home. If you are considering fixtures for your kitchen, why not opt for this cool metallic trend? You be surprised how well copper suits most colour palettes. It might just be the perfect finishing touch to your dream kitchen.

Dream it, Build it, Ownit

Now that you have started thinking about your dream kitchen, it is time to start making your dreams a reality. When it comes to building your home in Brisbane, Ownit Homes are the best Brisbane builders in the business. We have helped hundreds of families with building beautiful homes across Brisbane and would love to talk to you about your vision for your future home. To make an enquiry visit our website today.

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