When it comes to building your dream home in Brisbane you should think about your bedroom as an oasis. Your bedroom should be a space that speaks to you. When you walk into your room you should instantly feel soothed and relaxed. What makes a person relax and feel comfortable is different for every individual. Your bedroom should ultimately be an expression of you. Keeping that in mind, here are some design tips trending in Australia that will help you make your bedroom the ultimate oasis to retreat to after a long day.

Wallpaper makes a comeback

The thought of using wallpaper might bring to mind horrid memories from the sixties and seventies but you’d be surprised by the beautiful array of contemporary designs that are available in wallpaper these days. This is the reason wallpaper is making a strong comeback on the interior design scene. Wallpaper is also a great way to express yourself uniquely in your own space. If you go for a wallpaper that is a little ‘out there’, try to balance the room out with natural furniture and bedding.

The bedroom as a multipurpose space

In 2017, the master bedroom is trending away from being just a place where you sleep and instead is becoming a home within a home. Many homeowners are recognising their need to have a personal retreat where they can find peace and privacy when they need it. When it comes to building a bedroom we suggest thinking of it like a hotel room where you can complete a number of daily chores from the comfort of your own personal space. It might also be worth considering master suite features such as a coffee bar and mini fridge, or even study nook.

The wonders of white

If the space you are working with is quite small, do no fret! There are plenty of ways to turn a tiny space into a highly function bedroom that you’ll never want to leave. For example, make your room entirely white. This will not only create a heaven-like fresh, bright atmosphere but it will also make the room appear bigger.

Making the most of storage space

To create a calm space you need to keep clutter to a minimum. Get creative when it comes to building storage space and make the most of every opportunity to turn a regular element of the room into storage, giving you more space to breathe. Under the bed is a good example of making the most of storage opportunities.

Custom headboards

Custom headboards are yet another way for you to make a bedroom into your personal space. A custom built headboard can be a unique expression of you. This is a feature many homeowners are opting for at the moment.

Dream it, Build it, Ownit

Now that you have started thinking about your dream bedroom, it is time to start making your dreams a reality. When it comes to building your home in Brisbane, Ownit Homes are the best Brisbane builders in the business. We have helped hundreds of families with building beautiful homes across Brisbane and would love to talk to you about your vision for your future home. To make an enquiry, Contact Us today.

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