Are you ready for that new-home feeling? Walking through the doors of your brand new dream home, living in the luxury, design, and freedom that it offers you? You can have all this and more when you build with us at Ownit Homes. Of course, there’s a lot to consider when building than just the colour of your walls! We’ve put together a list of five things that we believe are really important to think about pre-building to make your home perfect for the way that you live.

Understand how you live and incorporate that into your design

Do you love open plan living? Or maybe you prefer some more secluded areas for relaxation? Remember that it’s your home, style, plan, and ultimately, your place. Ask us questions during the design stage – it’s better to ask us now than later. If you have certain living preferences we will incorporate them into the design. Let’s talk things over and ensure that your home is going to be how you need it.


Your budget will ultimately be the deciding factor in some aspects of your home. Decide what areas you want to put more into. You might really want a spectacular kitchen, but are happy with classic furnishings in the bathrooms. Whatever your preference, choose your priorities in the beginning to avoid budget restraints or complications down the track. You’ll be so much happier with the outcome!

Storage Space

Storage space can be easily overlooked with the excitement of building. We are well aware of our clients and their needs, but everyone is different and lives differently. Consider how much storage space you require, and incorporate this into your house design. We’re here to accommodate you, so ensure you chat to us about how we can make your home perfect for you.

Electrical Outlets

You’d be surprised at how a well-placed outlet can really make a difference.

Near bedside tables is a great spot, and lots in the kitchen will do a world of good. Reflect on how you use your space, and think about where the best place for outlets will go for you. Having cords and cords lining your house can be dangerous, unflattering, and downright annoying. Let us help you to avoid all of that with carefully planning where the outlets should go to truly perfect your home design and living spaces.


You might not have realised before how beneficial it can be to insulate your home. South East Queensland’s climate is up and down at best, and insulating will not only save you money in inside climate control, but also simply make your home more comfortable year round. We are focused on delivering homes that will be energy efficient and also save you money in the long term.

If you are looking for a reliable builder in Brisbane, consider Ownit Homes. Founded in 1972, we have become the market leaders across Queensland in building unique and beautifully designed double and single storey homes. Our excellent customer care, combined with the professional workmanship that our tradesman have to offer, have helped us to build a reliable reputation with many of our clients having gone on to build several properties with us.

With over 4200 builds under our belts, Ownit Homes will give you peace of mind that the future of your new home is in safe hands.

To find your perfect narrow lot design contact us today on (07) 3343 4244 or Contact Us by email.

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