Each year brings with it new trends for designing your home. But, when it comes to design, where do you start? What trends are coming through, what choices do you have among the latest styles? To start planning for the New Year, we’ve put together a list for you of the ‘Essential Home Design Trends for 2015’. 


The strong, the bold, and the very geometric are showcasing this year’s design trend. You can either make it you statement piece, or loosely integrate with other elements for a geometric flow throughout the home. It’ll make a fresh new finish to any room renovation, but make sure the other items in the room weave together nicely for an even balance of shapes and textures.


Colour options and trends this year will be diverse and vast. We’re going to see opposite ends of the spectrum, with soft pastels as well as really vibrant, bright colours being woven together in an equal symmetry. Choose the colours that work best with your current space, or, choose colours that work together well to create a room showcasing this trend while also not looking out of place.

Glossy vs. Matte

We’ll see matte finishes take over this year – coupling nicely with the bold patterns we’re seeing more and more – as modern décor moves away from glossy touches and back towards the desire for raw, edgy and striking finishes. It eases in with modern preferences and the desire for striking, statement touches. The best part about matte is that it is easy to clean and still looks flush as an accessory to any room.

A Touch of the Industrial

Industrial design has been seeping into the interior design scene over the last few years, as a stark contrast to the organic theme that is currently on the rise. These staple pieces are being used for character and also functionality within the home. There’s a push towards quality items that will last, but that are also functional and practical. These industrial-style items or fixtures – however you decide to incorporate into your home – will also add a touch of rough elegance to contrast any room and create a room that is unique and inspiring.

Hand Crafted

The desire for one off, or handmade items is resurfacing in 2015. This authenticity takes us back to our roots, as most items are mass-produced these days so it’s nice to support the little guy and have a truly unique piece to feature in your home. What’s more, we’re seeing hand crafts return as favourites to finish a room off – from pillows to décor, there’s something traditional yet modern taking hold. Combine pieces with the colour and pattern trends for 2015 and you’ll create a room that everyone will be jealous of.


Organically inspired shapes will feature in 2015, as manufactures create objects with a softer feel. Lighting, glassware and accessories will be flushed with this look. This organic concept generates a more graceful and rounded feel that can soften the otherwise more striking trends that are surfacing this year.

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