Visit New Home Builders Ownit Homes’ Display Villages on the Gold Coast to See the Benefits of COLORBOND Roofs

When you’re designing your new home, there are lots of roofing options. At Ownit Homes, we offer COLORBOND roofs as standard inclusions. There are many reasons Colorbond roofs are so popular and often the first choice for new home builders on the Gold Coast.


COLORBOND is a tough, advanced material that has been used for more than 50 years in some of Australia’s harshest environments. Many home builders prefer it because it not only looks great but is also durable, long-lasting, and termite-resistant.

Design Flexibility

COLORBOND roofs come in a wide range of colours, which means plenty of creative wiggle room for a truly unique look. This roof also has excellent spanning abilities, which allows for more open, column-free floor area. Because the colour is bonded to the metal, the roofs are low-maintenance and do not require painting as often as other metal roofs. Many styles are available, so you can find one that suits the design requirements and overall look of your unique home.

Water Collection

For those who like to collect natural water, a COLORBOND roof allows you to collect more water for your garden, pets, or home. Because concrete tile is more absorbent, it soaks up some of the water you would otherwise be able to collect. Corrugated metal roofs, on the other hand, are sealed from moisture with a bonded paint finish, meaning that you can collect more rainwater for a range of uses.

Fire Resistance

Especially if you live in an area prone to bushfires, COLORBOND is the clear winner over other roofing materials. It’s non-combustible and easy to seal against burning ash and flying embers.


A COLROBOND roof is lighter-weight than concrete or terracotta, which means that the support frame doesn’t need to be as complex. This keeps the cost of installation lower than that of other roofing materials. Furthermore, because the tile doesn’t absorb water, it doesn’t get even heavier during rainy weather the way other materials do.

Energy Efficiency

COLORBOND roofs leverage their reflective properties to bounce penetrating heat away from the house, keeping the house more comfortable and helping your air conditioner perform optimally. Metal roofing is also recyclable and is one of the most re-used products around. It contributes less to on-site wastage and it efficient to transport.

Ownit Homes Has Display Villages on the Gold Coast, Rochedale, Mango Hill, Upper Coomera, and Springfield Lakes

Our display homes on the Gold Coast beautifully demonstrate the benefits of COLORBOND roofs and our many other roofing additions. Visit our display villages to see our different designs; including the highly popular Parkview Entertainer and Bellevue homes. As a second-generation family-owned company with over 45 years experience in home construction, we offer more inclusions than any other builder. We provide not only COLORBOND roofs, but also rumpus rooms, frameless glass balustrades, and much more. Our extensive list of inclusions is one reason our clients love our custom home designs. Other builders charge extra for many of the items we include! For MORE value, MORE designs, and MORE flexibility contact Ownit Homes today.

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