Why Home Builders and Owners Love Open Floor Plans and Finding Display Homes and Villages in Upper Coomera

Custom home building is here to stay, but there are always industry trends coming and going. If you’ve been checking out display villages in Upper Coomera, you’ve probably noticed one particularly popular trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon: open floor plans.

Home builders in Upper Coomera and throughout the area frequently opt for open floor plans because they emphasise versatility and flexibility over scope and extravagance, and it’s easy to understand why. Open floor plans maximise smaller spaces (very useful in light of the smaller block sizes Queensland has been embracing) and create warm, inviting homes ideal for those who like to entertain or have growing families.

The Importance of Togetherness

One of the major advantages of an open floor plan is its ability to encourage togetherness in your home. Even when people are in separate “rooms,” they can still see and interact with one another. Family members and guests can easily mingle during a gathering rather than convening in one crowded room. The larger, open spaces make entertaining easier and more fun – don’t be surprised when your house becomes the popular place to hang out. Also, by removing visual barriers and eliminating interior walls, the windows allow much more natural sunlight in and improve your views, making the entire area more attractive and pleasant to be in every day.

Other Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

Many of today’s homes make use of an open floor plan to facilitate a connection between indoor and outdoor areas. For example, you might expand an indoor space to a large veranda, perfect for entertaining or just spending time with your family. Floor-to-ceiling glass is one great way to make the entire space visually larger. A veranda is a fantastic option in and of itself; it can add value to your home and provide space and sustainability. It can also provide shelter and shade, helping keep your home cooler in the summer.

If you have children or plan on starting a family, an open floor plan is a good choice because it allows you to keep them within eyesight most of the time. You can be in the kitchen cooking dinner and still be able to keep an eye on your kids playing in a nearby room or even outside. Finally, if you are planning to stay in your home long-term, an open floor plan offers excellent accessibility because it is more wheelchair-friendly than plans that incorporate closed rooms.

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At Ownit Homes, we are home builders featuring display villages in the Upper Coomera, Springfield Lakes, Mango Hill, and Rochedale areas. One of the things our clients love about our custom homes is that passageways are almost non-existent, as our designers have come up with more creative uses of space to maximise your home’s internal areas. We have over 45 years’ experience in home construction and deliver beautiful project and custom single-storey and double-storey homes. Our homes are well-suited for Queensland’s smaller blocks and narrow lots and we make it our priority to provide excellent value and more inclusions to our clients.

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