Interested in an Architectural Style Double Storey Home in Upper Kedron? Visit One of Ownit Homes’ Display Houses to See Our Gorgeous Modern Designs

When you buy your first home, you’re usually just looking for space and affordability. You’re tired of apartment living, and you want more room to spread out—perhaps as you start a family. However, you also have a budget to watch, which means you typically prioritise price over home designs with marked architectural beauty. For this reason, many first-time homebuyers go with generic, prefab homes from large real estate developers, or older houses that they can fix up over time.

When you buy your second home, things are often different. You’re more stable regarding income and wealth, and you have the money now to think about more than just budget. Maybe you like modern home designs, or perhaps you want the extra space that a double storey home design can provide. Most of all, you are ready to move beyond generic homes and buy something with a little more character.

If you and your family are nearing this point on your home buying journey, then Ownit Homes can help.

Ownit Homes and Our Special Architectural Niche

At Ownit Homes, we strive to serve a broad but underrepresented niche in the homebuying market. Often, developers and architects focus on one end of the buying spectrum or the other. They either serve those first-time buyers who are looking for budget homes, or they target wealthier people who can afford fully customised homes. If you are somewhere between these two extremes, there are fewer homes (or residential development companies) from which you can choose.

To serve an underserved market, we primarily focus on building architectural style double storey home designs in Upper Kedron and throughout the SEQ-Brisbane area. We offer a solution for people who are ready for more than a generic home, but who maybe don’t want to spend the money necessary to engage an architect for a fully customised house.

For this reason, we are the perfect option for homebuyers wishing to purchase their second homes. We offer beautiful, high quality home designs, but our services also don’t break the bank. We are the ultimate compromise in the South-East Queensland real estate market—a fact which has made us a popular go-to for buyers since 1972.

Observe Our Modern Home Designs by Visiting One of Our Display Houses Today

Another factor that makes Ownit Homes an ideal partner if you are looking for double storey home designs in Upper Kedron is our display houses. We currently have eight home designs on display throughout the Brisbane area, including two right here in Upper Kedron. Each display house shows off a different one of our modern home designs. If you are trying to get a sense of what type of home you’d like; walking through a few of our display properties can be extremely informative.

Are you interested in setting up a walkthrough of one of our display houses in Upper Kedron or beyond? We’d love the opportunity to show off our home designs and answer any questions you may have. Call us today to arrange your appointment.

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