Get Ideas for Your Custom Double Storey House by Walking Through an Ownit Homes Display Home in Pallara

For your next home, you’ve decided to go the customisation route. You want to make sure your residence has all the features that you and your family either want or need. There’s just one problem: you aren’t even sure what you want or need.

If you’re stumped, don’t jump into the process of sketching out home designs just yet. At Ownit Homes, we make life easier for our clients by maintaining what we call display homes. If you are thinking about collaborating with us to customise a double storey house design in Pallara, your first step should be to walk through a display home or two. We’ve learned from serving past clients that seeing our designs in real life always unlocks the imagination and makes deciding easier.

Why Seeing House Designs Matters

There are many benefits to purchasing a customised, architectural style home. You get a house geared to your tastes and needs, instead of having to match your tastes and needs to suit a pre-existing building. You can control the budget by prioritising the things that are most important to you and you have more flexibility regarding location. The list of benefits is extensive.

However, there is also one big drawback. With a custom home, you often don’t get to see what you are buying before you pull the trigger. Sure, you can look at plans and architectural blueprints, and you might even be able to get your hands on mock-ups or photorealistic renderings. Usually, if you are buying a Pallara custom home, you should be able to trust that your architect or custom home company knows what they are doing.

The big question is: would you buy a pre-existing home sight unseen? Most buyers wouldn’t, and yet, with a custom home, you often don’t have a choice. At Ownit Homes, we provide the best of both worlds: the option to design a home to suit your specifications, but also the opportunity to see our workmanship before you buy.

For this reason, you can see our Pallara custom homes in the form of display houses. We currently have eight display homes scattered around the Brisbane area, including one in Pallara. The display home here in Pallara is a model we call the Skyview, boasting a stunning modern house design with a unique roof terrace. If you’d prefer to see different models, we have other display houses as well.

None of our display models are fixed. There is room for customisation in every home, ensuring that every house we build is entirely unique. However, touring a display home can undoubtedly provide ideas of what you like, what you don’t and what you would like to see included in your home.

Start Brainstorming Double Storey House Designs in Pallara Today

Are you ready to start moving towards your Pallara custom home? Begin by scheduling a time to tour a display house or two. Call Ownit Homes today to make the necessary arrangements.

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