Working with a Small or Narrow Lot? Choose Ownit Homes for Your Double Storey House Construction in Brisbane

You’ve recently bought a lot on which you plan to build your family next home. It’s a beautiful property with a lot of potential—the perfect blank space for the next chapter of your life. If there’s one drawback, it’s that the property is bit narrow or small, leaving you without a lot of space to work with to build your home. How can you make the most of the lot space without compromising on your home’s interior space? The answer is double storey home construction from Brisbane’s Ownit Homes.

Ownit Homes: Specialising in Narrow Lot Home Design

When it comes to narrow home construction in Brisbane, few builders can match Ownit Homes in terms of clever space saving designs. Many of our two storey home designs have been crafted with small or narrow lots in mind. We want families to have plenty of interior space—even if they don’t have a tonne of lot space to work with for their projects. Out of the 40-plus double storey home designs in our portfolio, many are a perfect fit for smaller or narrower blocks of land.

Why this focus on smaller properties? At Ownit Homes, our focus hasn’t always been in narrower home designs. On the contrary, we have been in business since 1972, and our portfolio of home designs has changed quite a bit in that time, evolving with the times and with the trends. Today, house construction throughout our work radius in Brisbane and Gold Coast seems to be trending towards narrower or smaller block sizes, and we have adapted our business model to go along with those trends.

Local building councils are the reason for the shift. Indeed, most councils throughout south-east Queensland have been embracing smaller block sizes in recent years. The goal behind this trend is a noble one: ostensibly, councils are trying to prevent urban sprawl—or at least slow it down. Unfortunately, lot owners are the ones who have to deal with the consequences of this space-saving mindset. At least in terms of ground space, they have less room to work with than they might have had in the past.

It’s this niche of property owners that Ownit Homes is currently serving. As narrow lot specialists, our home construction team in Brisbane can help you maximise your internal space no matter how limited your exterior space may be. Homes like our Bentley design are long and narrow, with two storeys that cut out long hallways and space-wasting passageways and use every square metre for something practical. The Bentley is narrow enough to fit on even the most limited property blocks, but still offers 358 square metres of living space, including four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

Get More out of Your Lot, with Double Storey Home Construction in Brisbane

If you are planning a house construction in Brisbane and are working with a small property block, don’t worry. Instead, call Ownit Homes today. We can help you find the perfect home design for your lot—one that will give you and your family plenty of space without encroaching on the boundaries of your land. To learn more about our home construction work in Brisbane, give us a call on 07 3343 4244.

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