Get Ideas for Your New House by Visiting the Ownit Homes Display Villages in Mango Hill

When clients decide to work with Ownit Homes to realise their dreams of the perfect house, they usually bring a list of features or specifications they want from the project. Some of the things on most ‘want lists’ are already standard inclusions on Ownit residences, including high-quality COLORBOND roofs, 900mm ILVE appliances and built-in security systems. While some features and design flourishes are commonly desired across the entire Ownit Homes clientele, though, the fact is that no two families want the same thing out of their homes.

Therein lies the beauty of the Ownit Homes design portfolio. While many residential builders only give buyers five or six different home models to choose from, our portfolio includes more than 40 double storey home designs and several single storey options as well. This flexibility is in place to help you and your family find a design that truly represents your dream home. If you want to start seeing some of these designs for yourself, consider planning a visit to one of our display villages in Mango Hill.

Our Display Homes in Mango Hill

At Ownit Homes, we have been operating as home builders in Mango Hill for 45 years. In that time, we have established display home villages at various locations around Brisbane and Gold Coast. Each village spotlights a few of our different models. If you aren’t sure what exactly you are looking for in a home, or want to get an up close and personal look at a house you’ve only seen in pictures, a visit to one of our display villages can be the perfect way to get you envisioning your family’s next residence.

If you visit one of our display villages in Mango Hill, you will be able to tour our Avalon and Sorrento Royale models. These homes are among our most popular two storey home designs, and are the perfect place to start if you know you want a double storey but haven’t fleshed out the details in your mind just yet.

Our display homes in Mango Hill spotlight models that are especially well suited to growing families. The Avalon is a four bedroom, two and a half bath dwelling with 299 square metres of space. The Sorrento Royale is slightly larger, a five bedroom, three bathroom home with 372 square metres of space. To learn more about these two models, see photographs or request lists of our default inclusions, click here.

Plan Your Display Village Tour in Mango Hill

If you’ve been looking for a home builder in Mango Hill, look no further than Ownit Homes. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, plenty of default inclusions and some additional flexibility for customisation, you can easily realise your ideal home dreams by working with us.

If you are interested in touring our display homes in Mango Hill, give us a call on 07 3452 6651. Our Mango Hill display villages are open for tours five days a week (Saturday through Wednesday) from 10am to 5pm. We look forward to giving you a tour.

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