Don’t Compromise on Your Next Home: Work with Quality Home Builders in Brisbane to Ensure Quality Results

Often, when a young professional or a young family decides to buy a home for the first time, they have to compromise on their choice of home builders in Brisbane. They have enough money to be serious about becoming homeowners, but not so much that they can go far beyond the bare bones options. As a result, they either end up buying a pre-owned home or working with a company that focuses on quick builds and generic homes. These builders often don’t offer a huge number of inclusions and go for lower quality products or materials for flooring, finishes, appliances and more.

The Ownit Homes Difference

At Ownit Homes, we are the home builders in Brisbane to call when you know you want more than a generic home but aren’t necessarily willing to shoulder the expense of engaging an architect and designing a fully customised home. We provide superior value across the board, from our extensive portfolio of double storey homes to our longer lists of standard inclusions, all the way to our higher quality construction.

Said another way, if you are looking for quality home builders in Brisbane but still want to keep your project on a budget, Ownit Homes is the building company for you. Here are a few of the factors that set us apart from some of the more ‘generic’ businesses that do home building in Brisbane.

  • More Inclusions: One of the factors that make Ownit Homes a builder of quality homes in Brisbane is our focus on value. We provide more value by offering more inclusions than the standard home building company. Our homes could never be described as ‘bare bones.’ Our house plans are always complete with quality fittings and finishes, and we offer a range of other standard inclusions (high ceilings, Smartstone bench tops, glass balustrades, etc.) that you would normally have to pay extra for from most builders.
  • More Flexibility: Ownit Homes has a portfolio of more than 40 two storey home designs, most of which you can see for yourself at our display villages around Brisbane and Gold Coast. In addition, we can customise each home to suit the needs of the client. This flexibility helps you achieve the perfect home without paying the premium price associated with hiring an architect.
  • More Experience: Want proof that Ownit Homes is one of Brisbane’s most reliable builder of quality homes? Look no further than our history. We are not some trend-chasing company that set up shop to take advantage of a booming housing market. On the contrary, we are a second-generation family business that has been operating since 1972. We have a long history of building high-quality and providing customers with superb service.

Hire a Quality Home Builder in Brisbane Today

Are you starting a home building project in Brisbane? Don’t compromise quality for cost. Instead, work with Ownit Homes and get a high-quality, customised home for a price you can afford. To learn more about our business, give us a call on 07 3343 4244.

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