Single or Double Storey? How to decide what’s right for you

Date added: 5 May 2014

Arrabella-323-webThere are many aspects you will need to consider when building a new home. Location, space and budget are just some of the things that should be top of the list before you commission a build.

Building your own house can be an exciting experience and working with a quality team of builders will ensure your dream home is possible. One of the main advantages of building a new home is being able to choose a floor plan that suits all your needs.

Deciding whether you want a double or single storey house is quite an important decision and will normally depend on where you are in your life. Retired couples are typically looking to downsize and may need to consider that climbing stairs as they get older may not be all that practical. Some families also favour single storey properties as stairs can be problematic with small children. Open plan living, which has become popular, is also a great way to keep an eye on the whole family.

The decision to build a second floor might be governed by the amount of land you have to build on. If the plot size you buy is smaller, then a double storey house would allow you to build upwards and provide you with more space. A second story can also divide the home into communal spaces and private rooms. You will also need to consider leaving enough outdoor space for a garden or swimming pool, which is another reason why some people opt for a double storey property.

If you are looking to keep costs low, then a single storey is often going to be more affordable. However, do not assume that a double storey means double the price, as this is not usually the case. The reason behind this is the foundations of the house, which are the expensive part of the project, have already been laid, so continuing to build on top of them does not add as much to the overall cost as many believe.

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