Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2017

Date added: 30 July 2017

When you have friends and family over, where do you congregate? As part of your morning ritual, where is your favourite place to catch the first rays of the sun while drinking your coffee? For most of us, the answer would be outside; the seemingly gravitational pull that without conscious thought will almost always find us attracted to the great outdoors.

Being able to go from intimately seating two to comfortably accommodating ten of your loudest friends all whilst standing the test of time is paramount in an outdoor entertaining zone, and with the warmer months just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to look towards your own backyard and be inspired by this years’ outdoor furniture and living trends to ensure your outdoor entertainment area is prepared for all that summer brings.

Bringing the Inside OUT

Our love for incorporating the outdoors into everyday life has become especially apparent in new house designs where open plan living is now being extended to include the outside entertaining area, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor. Add to this the availability of more durable, waterproofed and fade-resistant fabrics and this has resulted in more and more of the comfier style of furniture finding their way outside; think ottomons, lounges, armchairs, blankets, cushions and even rugs to create your very own outdoor living room.

Materials and Finish

In recent years, the more rustic and industrial of styles has become quite popular for the interior of the home and this approach is now showing promise in the outdoor design realm. Contrasting the cool rawness of galvanised steel and metals, smooth stones and concrete with the warmth of weathered, unfinished wooden textures like solid teak create a much softer natural atheistic that is harmonious to any outdoor space.

The classic and timeless appeal of woven textures and braided trimmings in organic materials like cane, rattan and bamboo are again on the rise but coming in fun and unique non-traditional colours, textures and design to allow variety and personality to thrive in your outdoor entertaining area.


Diverging from the organic and rustic influence this year, the presence of a lot more bright pops of colour is fast becoming a favourite trend over the more neutral of palettes from previous years; solid bold colours, geometric patterns and touches of the warm metallic bronze and golds found on cushions, upholstery and pots will add some life and vibrancy to any outdoor space.

Mismatching and Upcycling

One of the key trends in the design industry that will continue to grow with more and more influence is sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture and concepts. This is especially apparent in the amount of DIY projects that can be found all over the internet to upcycle, repurpose and restore items that would otherwise have gone to waste. This trend is becoming increasingly popular due to its’ affordability and opportunity to add personality and history into any space, with one of the most popular items to repurpose being the wooden pallets that were once just used for shipping and storing, and are now being transformed into tables, chairs, outdoor sofas and so much more.

Continuing to embrace sustainability, more and more people are growing confident in their personal styles and are no longer sticking strictly to matching schemes and traditional set configurations. Mismatching modern items with vintage pieces, pairing woven chairs with sleek slat benches or searching through second-hand furniture stores, garage sales and even the salvageable areas at the local tip to find just one or two feature elements that contrast with the overall style, all play a part in reducing waste and using less materials.


The key design features to look out for in any outdoor furniture and setting is the durability and versatility of the peace, but this year is more about indulging in the inspiration of your own personality and producing a unique and tranquil outdoor haven to share or take solitude in; so this year, embrace your personal style and be confident in the outdoor area you create.