Making the building experience easier with Emerge Finance

Date added: 16 July 2017

At Ownit Homes, we want to make the whole building experience easier for you. That’s why we have partnered with Emerge Finance to help you secure the right loan for you and your family.

Emerge Finance are available to help people emerge and realise their dreams, especially for home buyers and investors, due to their passion in finding tailored finance solutions.

Going through the loan process can be daunting and confusing. It’s hard to know if you’re getting the best deal with your bank; whether other banks can offer a better rate (and having the time to shop around yourself); if you should look at that loan your friend recommended; or even what ‘lenders mortgage insurance’ really means!

That’s where Emerge Finance come in. They take the stress and hassle out of securing your loan, helping you to achieve success with the building process and other assets for your future.

Emerge Finance have access to over 30 banks and lenders and can often negotiate a better deal from them on your behalf. They look after all the paperwork and make it an easy process with fast turnaround times. They also liaise & communicate with Ownit Homes as well as your solicitors, accountants and trusted advisors, throughout the whole process.

So if you want to be at the top of your financial game, if you want to get ahead in creating wealth and building a future for yourself, Emerge Finance is here to help you.

Find out how much your monthly repayments will be at a glance, using the table below.