Key things to consider when designing your home

Date added: 1 October 2013

Main-Image_Nouvelle-livingBefore you can start the process of building your own home, it’s a good idea to consider what would factor into the final design. Here are some of the common elements you may need to discuss with the consultant, to help you come up with a comfortable home you’ll be proud to own.

Location and land condition

Most modern houses you see look stable and durable. What you don’t see is the development of the land and the decisions that went into preparing the land for construction. Some lots are not level, but this is not a hindrance to most expert builders. You also need to check the type of ground you’ll be working on. The consultant at Ownit Homes can talk to you about soil, dirt and gravel, as well as the implications for your housing designs.

Design and colours
It’s fairly common to be intimidated by a blank page when it comes to starting off with a design concept. Ownit Homes has a catalogue of model houses to use as a template for your ideal home. Whether it’s one or two stories, Ownit Home’s model houses embody ideal living conditions and energy saving properties. You will also be working with a colour consultant, so you can play around with various hues when deciding which colours would match each room.

Furniture and appliances
The key to a good design is to achieve optimal space for comfortable living for the whole family. Even if the space is big, it could still become cluttered if the furniture you install takes up most of the room. Always be sure to measure the space and discuss with the consultant which size beds and couches will provide the ideal effect.

If you prefer to do so, you can actually inform the consultant beforehand the budget you plan to work with. Ownit Homes is experienced in dealing with fluctuating financial circumstances and they can show you techniques to ensure the end result satisfies your needs.
In the end, the design of your home is up to you, but you must understand that certain standards must be met in order to get building approval. Talk to a consultant from Ownit Homes today and discuss with them the creative ideas you plan on incorporating into your design.