Three years ago, you left the traditional workforce to open an in-home day-care. Between pervasive dissatisfaction with work and multiple friends needing day-care for their young children, the transition was a match made in heaven. Since your opening, you have established a clientele, reached your child maximum, and maintain a healthy waiting list. You are considering expanding your business by increasing the number of children you’re allowed to watch over. This expansion, however, will require a new space. New home construction in Brisbane is booming with modern style and innovative ideas.

Ownit Homes is the industry leader for new home designs throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast; we are excited to sit down with you and discuss how to turn this expansion into a reality. As we develop two-storey homes tailored to the specific needs of the client, our new home builders for Brisbane can build an establishment that is personal home on the top floor and child-proof day-care centre on the bottom.

Customer-Tailored New Home Construction for Brisbane

We love making our customers’ dreams come true and are therefore committed to making the building process smooth, simple, and flexible. Go from the initial meeting and plan drawing to handover in eight short steps. Before making any decisions, make sure that you stop by our display villages that showcase the latest in new house design available in Brisbane, or visit our display galleries online. You’ll be sure to fall in love with features perfect for new home construction for your Brisbane day-care.

Narrow passageways create sharp corners and blind turns that can be dangerous for excited children. Thankfully, our designs optimise your space by eliminating excessive passageways thus opening up rooms and streamlining travel throughout the home and day-care. Modern appliances, fittings, fixtures, and finishes create an architectural style that is fresh and clean, perfect for any home and every professional space. Coordinate your day-care through thematic colour use that indicates how each area of the day-care is to be utilised. With new home designs in Brisbane, start by selecting a base model and we’ll help you tailor it to best benefit your usage—no experience needed. With 45 years of service as new home builders in Brisbane, we have all the experience needed to build you a high-quality home and workspace at the highest possible value.

New Home Builders in Brisbane Produce Turnkey Finish

Is there anything worse than opening up a brand-new, highly-anticipated toy only to find that it takes atypical batteries that are not included? We think the same of a newly finished house that isn’t user-ready. If you’re looking for a start-from-scratch revamp, Ownit Homes offers new home designs for Brisbane residents with turnkey options. Just pick up the key at handover and unlock your ready-to-live-in home. No hassle of finding time to shop and locate the best deals, no worrying if pieces from different sets are complementary, just premium quality easy living at the turn of a key. What are you waiting for? Ownit Homes makes it easy for you to expand your day-care while designing a customised home of a lifetime. Our featured new house designs throughout Brisbane help you dream it, Build it, Ownit.

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