When building your home in Brisbane, you want a bathroom that not only looks fantastic, but also function well. As Brisbane’s number one builder of quality homes it is our job to be up-to-date with the latest trends to ensure that everything we build is a dream come true for our clients. Here are some current bathroom trends that you should consider when building your dream home.

Mismatch tiles (deliberately!)

Choosing multiple tile types for your bathroom promises a look that is totally custom and unique. This bold bathroom choice creates a seriously powerful visual impact. Remember to keep the colour palette simple so as not to overwhelm the room.

Rose gold tapware

The latest trend in tapware and fixtures in 2017 is rose gold. Rose gold looks great in both a shiny or matt copper finish. This trend adds a bold and elegant statement to any bathroom whilst also bringing warmth to the room.

Free standing bath tub

Whether it’s a vintage claw foot or a chic contemporary tub, freestanding tubs are in for 2017. They act as a statement and a focus point for the bathroom. This popular trend has come about due to a shift in the way people consider their bathrooms. Once a place built for pure practicality, more thought is now going into the building of bathrooms as a place of relaxation. A freestanding tub is the ultimate relaxation feature, giving you the perfect reason to spend more time in the bathroom.

Rain showerhead

The rain showerhead is the showerhead of choice in 2017 for fairly obvious reasons. It recreates the therapeutic feeling of rainfall in the privacy of your own shower. You would be surprised by the difference a good showerhead can make to your everyday routine. With a rainfall showerhead you’ll always step out of the shower feeling relaxed and pampered.

Flexible lighting

In 2017, the key to lighting in your bathroom is flexibility. You want lighting fixtures that allow your bathroom to move easily between being a cheery light filled space in the daytime, and a calming, peaceful dimly lit retreat at the end of the day. Dimmable lights, sensor lights, LED lights under joinery and feature lighting are some options that will allow you this flexibility.

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