Kitchenware, plumbing and electrical wiring; this is what comes to mind with the mention of copper in the home. However, with ever increasing speed and no sign of slowing, this venerable and ancient material has fast become the material and colour of choice for home décor in 2015.

Exuding luxury and timeless grandeur, the glint of this sophisticated metal transforms any room of the home to gleam with high end appeal.

In our newly opened Avalon Display at Mango Hill, we use soft touches of this versatile and flexible material and demonstrate the harmony in which its’ rosy hues work beautifully with the natural feel of pine and the organic tones of unobtrusive greys alongside contrasting pops of airy blue, inviting turquoise and the calming hues of deep indigo.

Just by adding small statement pieces like we have done, the cool textures and warming tones add depth to any room, without the need for renovation or major changes. In the living room, we have placed a copper coffee table with its’ golden legs in geometric angles, to draw attention and add distinction to the gentle tones of peach, greys and navys. Accessories like vases, candle holders, pendants, contemporary chandeliers and side tables are situated throughout the display to vary the colour palette, add dimensional light and help define a space.

Alternatively, a bolder approach can be adored to lighten any interior by showcasing the reflective properties of copper on a more dramatic and spectacular scale such as on wall and floor coverings, and in the more common areas of the kitchen and bathrooms both for design and functionality. Due to its antimicrobial nature, copper is actually the perfect choice for sinks and mixers, erasing the requirements for harsh chemical cleansers and solvents so using bigger items like bathtub, range hoods and even splashbacks are, along with being dynamic, offer the ease of being practical, functional, recyclable and eco-friendly.

Whether you use small touches of copper or large vivid pieces that define a space, any room in any home can benefit from this recyclable, functional and timeless beauty.

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